The Boys Do Broadway posterCheck our Concerts and Tickets page later this summer to learn about our 2014-2015 Season (our third!), and to find out how you can buy tickets and subscriptions.

Thank you to all of our supporters for making The Boys Do Broadway such a success!  Thank you also to The Harlequin Singers for sharing the stage with us at the Saturday night performance, adding your own special magic.  On Sunday, the HGMC’s own Nariman Lala, Lorne Gretsinger, Steven Hernden and Paul Higgs added their voices to open Act II with a very special flair.

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  1. What a marvellous magical evening it was for us to sing with HGMC last night.

    Forte – The Toronto Men’s Chorus

    1. It was a joy to have you share the evening and the stage with us! Thank you for your enthusiastic support from the very beginning of this venture, Tony!
      Michael Wilmot, HGMC

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