Auditions to be held in June!

The Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus will be conducting its first round of auditions for the Fall 2012 season on Wednesday 13 June and Monday 18 June 2012.  Auditions are open to men over the age of majority in Ontario; currently this means men who are 18 years of age or older.

To reserve your spot for an audition, please complete the June 2012 Audition Sign-Up form.  (If you signed up at a recent HGMC event, you do not need to complete this form.)  We will disclose the audition venue and give you an exact date and time when we contact you to confirm your audition.

To find out more about the audition process, please read on.

How does an audition work?

Auditions will be conducted by members of the planning team (or, in the future, the Artistic Committee).  The purpose of an audition is to determine how a prospective member might blend with the makeup of the chorus, and to assess the enthusiasm and skills that he is able to bring to the HGMC.

Prior to the audition, you will be asked to:

  • complete a short questionnaire, including information about your musical and performing experience.

During the audition, you will be asked to:

  • perform a short song of your own choosing. It may be performed without accompaniment, with pre-recorded accompaniment, or with piano accompanimentNote:  If you are using pre-recorded accompaniment, you must provide your own amplified means of playing the recording.  If you intend to be accompanied on the piano, you must bring sheet music in the key (range) in which you intend to perform.  To allow us to best assess your singing ability, we ask that you not attempt to accompany yourself on an instrument (ie. guitar, piano) during your audition.
  • perform a second song, “Over the Rainbow”.  Please see the Auditions page for materials to help you prepare this song.

In addition, you may also be asked to:

  • sing back a short musical passage; and/or
  • clap back a short rhythmic passage; and/or
  • sing a few scales or other patterns (with the piano) to check your vocal range; and/or
  • answer additional questions based on your completed questionnaire.

The entire process should take no more than 15 minutes, and we will make every effort to keep it pleasant, fun and low-key. All candidates will be notified promptly (by telephone or email) of the results of the audition.

Candidates accepted as performing members will be assigned a vocal section (tenor 1, tenor 2, baritone, or bass), and possibly a specific seating location. Placement is always subject to change dependent on the musical needs of the chorus, and is at the discretion of the Music Director.

Candidates not accepted as performing members may be asked if they would like to become non-performing members.

Please note that the membership fees for the 2012 season have not yet been determined as of the date of this announcement.  The fees will be laid out in the membership handbook, which members will receive at or before the first rehearsal, scheduled for September 2012.

Note:  A second round of auditions for the Fall 2012 season is tentatively planned for the end of August.