Welcome back, Tania!

T SheelerThe following message is from Mike Majcher, our president:

The HGMC welcomes Tania Sheeler back to the role of Music Director. Tania has actually been with this group since the beginning, three years ago, and has always been one of our biggest supporters. This past year she took on the role of Accompanist—and what a fine job she did.  But when John-Luke Addison announced that he would be moving on to new musical adventures, the role of Music Director opened up and Tania expressed an interest.  It seemed like a natural fit to have her back in the role; even though this group is not exactly the same as when she last directed us, it should still be a fairly easy transition. We look forward to the 2015-2016 season with you at the musical helm, Mrs. Sheeler.

Mike Majcher
President, HGMC