Who We Were

Musical Team | Board of Directors | Members | Founders

Musical Team (2015-2016)

Tania Sheeler, Music Director
James Medeiros, Accompanist (August 2015-March 2016)
Steve McRae, Accompanist (March-June 2016)

Board of Directors

Our current Board of Directors (as of July 2016) consists of the following individuals:

  • President: Tim Morgan
  • Vice-Presidents: Robert Feeney, Paul Higgs
  • Secretary: Michael Wilmot
  • Members-at-large: [three positions vacant]
  • Ex-officio members:
    • Music Director: [position vacant]
    • Past President: Mike Majcher
    • Treasurer: Robert Feeney


The HGMC owns any success to the commitment of its members, both performing and non-performing. Although our membership numbers may wax and wane over time, we know that it is not the number but rather the dedication and heart of our members that will allow us to thrive.


The HGMC began as the creative dream of two long-time friends, Lorne Gretsinger and Michael Wilmot, and has flourished with support from a dedicated group of talented and enthusiastic individuals.  The final inspiration that pushed us “over the edge” to decide that the time was ripe to start a men’s chorus in Hamilton was the joy and sense of community that we experienced while watching the Rainbow Chorus of Waterloo-Wellington perform on a cold and very snowy night in February 2012.

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