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Do you have a business or event that you would like to publicise with our target audience?  If so, you may pay to advertise in our concert programmes.  Our current rates for advertising space in our concert programmes are:

  • $25 for a quarter page
  • $50 for a half page
  • $100 for a full page

View the various ad formats here.  All ads are printed in black and white (grey scale), even if the original artwork is in colour.  Note: the one eighth (1/8) page ad is no longer available.

To request ad space:  Please use this form to request ad space in an upcoming programme; we will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

To submit a payment:  Once you receive our invoice for your programme ad, you may submit your payment online here.  (You will be need to enter the password that we sent with your invoice in order to access the page.)  You may pay by cheque, if you prefer.